Preventive Healthcare

What can we do today to optimize our health and vitality leading to an increase in healthy life span?

What are some of the lifestyle and technological solutions to help us to follow and monitor our healthy habits leading to healthier, more productive and rewarding lives.

We are focusing on future trends in healthcare, nutrition and lifestyle as well as personalized solutions leading to optimizing our health. There is also more and more technology that helps us to better understand our body-mind connection and how they are interlinked.

Whether integrated, systemic or a holistic approach, we are looking at ways to bring together modern and ancient science through new technology. Learning from evidence based solutions coming from some of the oldest “body-mind-spirit” healing systems like Ayurveda or Tibetan Medicine focusing on health and longevity.

The Ancient Greeks realized that maintaining good health and fighting illness depended on understanding their natural causes and that health and disease cannot be dissociated from physical and social environments and human behavior. In this context, they defined health as a state of dynamic equilibrium between the internal and the external environment, taking into consideration the physical and social determinants of health.

Thanks to modern technology we are now understanding more about how external factors, as well as chronic exposure to stress, cause epigenetic changes.

We believe that the future of health and wellness lies in harnessing the power of technology combined with research to deliver customized, low-cost, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and preventive health interventions that can be easily implemented at work and at home.

Our Priority Areas: