With the vast amounts of literature published on Longevity, we are continuously highlighting books that stand out and best represent the sector.

If you have any additional recommendations, feel free to contact us with your thoughts.

The Ageless Generation

Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov

Alex Zhavoronkov is a leading expert in aging research and biogerontology. His book presents a great introduction to the progress science has already made in aging research. It also paints an interesting picture of how the world might evolve if we live longer, allowing people to continue working and contribute to the economy. He emphasizes the importance of scientific progress, while stressing the importance of prioritizing health and knowledge assets over material assets and maintaining a youthful social network as ways of preparing for a longer life.

Aubrey de Grey - Advocate for an Indefinite Human Lifespan

Douglas Lain

Aubrey de Grey is a leading mind and international advocate for a healthy life span. This book provides an important overview of the sector based on conversations with authors, philosophers, economists, investors, influencers scientists, and activists focusing on progressing research to defeat aging and introduce interventions to repair the damage the body does to itself over time.