June 13, 2019Longevity Economy

New social contract

Mr. Mike Mansfield, program director at the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement, shares insights and the main findings from the newly-published Aegon Annual Retirement Readiness Survey 2019, called "The New Social Contract: Empowering individuals in the transitioning world.”

We discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from globally-changing demographics and geographical differences in preparing for the new social contract.

Mr. Mansfield covers the following topics:

  • The main findings of the Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey 2019
  • Are the future and our expectations of retirement changing?
  • Is there an ideal retirement plan?
  • The importance of empowering individuals in the new social contract and focusing on prevention in healthcare
  • Which countries are best-prepared for the new social contract?
  • What can we do to prepare ourselves for the future to enjoy healthy longevity?  


  • This years report is putting the individual at the center of our research, looking at what it means for them in preparing for retirement.
  • Only three in 10 workers around the world in the 15 countries we surveyed, said that they were either very or extremely confident that they will be able to retire comfortably.
  • Just under a quarter of the people we surveyed, were extremely confident that their healthcare would be afforded before their retirement.
  • Maintaining good health is very important so that we can continue to work until we're ready to retire.
  • Another element that we brought out this year is the importance of lifelong learning to keep their skills up-to-date.